How to Boost PS4 Games


1. Connecting your PS4 to your PC

Your PC and PS4 must be connected to the same router via an Ethernet cable or wireless connection, and the latest version of NetEase UU Game Booster needs to be installed on your PC

                                                      PS4 Acceleration Prerequisites

2. PC Settings

A. Download and install the latest version of NetEase UU Booster

B. Select All Games --> Console Game --> PS4, or you can search for “PS4”, then click on PS4

C. Select a game, then simply click the Accelerate button

D. After boosting successfully, you’ll see a pop-up. Adjust your PS4’s settings according to this pop-up

3. PS4 Settings

A. Settings --> Network --> Set Up Internet Connection

B. Set Up Internet Connection --> Use a LAN Cable(Use Wifi under wireless mode) --> Custom --> Manual --> According to the pop-up above, input the IP, Mask, Gateway, and DNS into the appropriate fields

C. After clicking Next, select Automatic on the MTU selection screen --> on the Proxy selection screen, select Do Not Use --> select Test Internet Connection, if you see what's displayed below, and everything is normal, then you can start playing