How to Boost Xbox Games


1. Connecting your Xbox to your PC

Your Xbox and your PC need to be connected to the same router via an Ethernet cable or wireless connection, and NetEase UU Booster needs to be installed on your PC

                                                             Xbox Connections

2. PC Settings

A. Download and install the latest version of NetEase UU Booster

B. Select All Games --> Console Game --> Xbox, or search for “Xbox”, then click on Xbox Game

C. Select a game, then simply click the Boost button

D. After boosting successfully, you’ll see a pop-up like the below image. Adjust your Xbox’s server info according to this pop-up

3. Xbox Settings

Push the Xbox Button on your controller, then select Settings --> Network --> Network Settings --> Advanced Settings

A. IP Settings

IP Setup --> Manual, input the info that was provided after you’ve successfully boosted the console.

B. DNS Setup

-- DNS Setup --> Manual, input the primary DNS entry as, and the secondary entry as After adjusting settings, the following should occur:

C. Hit the back button once, then, if NAT is open, all services are usable, and everything is normal, you can start playing